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Radio: Radio Don Bosco 

Language of Production:  

Duration: 9m56′ 

Short description of the Radio feature

Radio Don Bosco focused on the topic of family farming and looked at the policy framework, the role of FAO in relation to the National Action Plan (NAP) for Madagascar. The interviewees elaborate on the preparation of the NAP. The production highlights the critical role of sub-regional structures such as the Pan-African Parliament program “Parliamentary Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Madagascar (ASPAM)”. Also, how these structures support the agenda of the basic right for food and add value to the implementation of NAP and support to family farmers in the field.  

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Guests of the programme (Names, organizations, position) 

Guest 1: Mr RAKOTOSON Philibert – Aide Ambassadeur des Programmes des Nations Unies FAO à Madagascar 

Guest 2: Ms. Fanjanirina Heriniaina – Civil Society, FIFATA Association pour le Développement des Paysans) 

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