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Radio: Royals Radio, Gurune Radio, Radio Ada 

Language of Production: Twi 

Duration: 13m18′ 

Short description of the Radio feature

The programme focuses on efforts of women family farmers of Ghana to improve their livelihoods.  It features interviews with assistant Representative of FAO in Ghana, Mr Benjamin Adjei focusing on the role of women in family farming. The magazine program the zoomed in on women farmers in Forikrom in the Bono East Region who are being assisted by the Abrono Organic Farmers Association (ABOFA) and also with women farmers in Zuarungu-Moshie in the Upper East Region who are members of the Tele-bere Savings and Loan Association.  The women testify not only to how the improved practices have led to greater and more sustainable yields but also to how these have empowered them to the practical benefit of their households and the education of their children.  

The Assistant Representative for FAO in Ghana concluded with a look at how the family and the farm is linked.   How family farming is a catalyst and how it impacts the economic development, environmental, reproductive and socio-cultural functions.  

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Guests of the programme (Names, organizations, position) 

Guest 1: Nana Kwao Adams, the Executive Director of ABOFA 

Guest 2: Women farmers in Forikrom in the Bono East Region 

Guest 3: Women farmers in Zuarungu-Moshie in the Upper East Region 

Guest 4: Assistant Representative for Programmes of FAO in Ghana, Mr Benjamin Adjei 

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