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Radio: Eastern Community Radio

Language of Production: Krio 

Duration: 10m06′ 

Short description of the Radio feature

Eastern Community Radio in Sierra Leone firstly looked at the context of family farming from the view of members of parliament. Then production interviewed young people to hear their opinion on the topic of family farming. Current family farmers and civil society organizations contributed their experience on the ground and the challenges such as access to land.  The magazine also highlighted current trends concerning the topic and matters of access to local markets. The production introduced reasons for the apathy of youth to agriculture as a career.  

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Guests of the programme (Names, organizations, position) 

Guest 1: Honorable Bernadette Wuyatta Songa of constituency 008 Kailahun district of Eastern Region, a caucus member of parliament 

Guest 2: Mr. Augustine A. Sannoh, Eastern Regional Chairman- Civil Society Movement-SL 

Guest 3: Paramount Chief Musa Gombukla Kallon the “Third” of Jawei Chiefdom Kailahun district 

Guest 4: Andrew Konteh, the Regional Land and Forest Officer

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