November 2018

Learning opportunity: Amplifying grassroots movements

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is a multi-stakeholder platform with a global secretariat led by CIFOR and core funding provided by the Government of Germany. The GLF accelerates action towards the creation of productive, prosperous, equitable and climate-resilient landscapes and the achievement of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). Learn more in Landscape News. GLF believes that learning is the foundation of long-lasting change. Through collaborative

A communication platform to boost production and sale of farm produce

Farmers’ Corner Community is all about developing an agricultural information-driven community platform for all players in agribusiness space within Nigeria and other African countries where there will be an easy and seamless exchange of ideas, solutions to problems, research reports, updates on new seeds and cultivars varieties, policies, procedures, compliance and others. Our community platform on was developed to fill the wide communication gap between all players (governments, researchers,

Combatting Fall armyworm in Ethiopia

The fall armyworm (FAW), Spodoptera frugiperda, was first reported on the African continent in early 2016 and, in Ethiopia alone, has infested approximately a quarter of the 2.6 million hectares of land planted with maize since 2017. To tackle the devastation, the Government of Ethiopia set up a National Technical Advisory Committee on FAW (FAW TAC) in early 2018 which includes government stakeholders such as the Ministry of Agriculture and

CABI films fight Fall armyworm

The peace and quiet of 200 villages in Northern Ghana was shattered in May and June this year with the arrival of CABI-sponsored village-based video screenings.  CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) is an international not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. “We wanted to explore new and innovative ways of getting information to

Interactive Radio for Development Projects: A Toolkit for Practitioners

This toolkit is designed to help development practitioners use interactive radio to create compelling radio programming. The toolkit does not assume that radio is always the most appropriate solution for disseminating information. Rather, given the presence of radio in much of the world, this toolkit aims to help practitioners develop a systematic approach to using interactive radio as one effective way of sharing information with their target audience. Find the

Making farmer programming smarter: The Farm Radio approach

Suppliers of radio extension programmes in Ghana have been supported by Farm Radio International to make their programmes more participatory and engaging for smallholder farmers. With access to interactive, accurate, timely and interesting information, farmers have reported increased yields and incomes. Radio broadcasters have also been able to make their radio programming more financially sustainable. Read the publication: This work was carried out with the aid of a grant from