Radio initiative

Sierra Leone

Radio station: Eastern Community Radio Production language: Krio  Production Year: 2021 Programme Title: Family farming from the view of members of the parliament Eastern Community Radio in Sierra Leone first looked at the context of family farming from the view of members


Radio Station: RFM-RADIO 99.9, Emoo FM, and Nyota FM  Producer Organization: FFSPAK Production Language: Kikuyu Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: Access to extension services and information by smallholder farmers Access to extension services and information is vital for smallholder farmers, who face challenges


Radio Station: URA Radio Producer Organization: Tele-Bere and GhaFFaP Production Language: Gurune Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: Key approaches to building climate resilient landscapes in Ghana Key strategies include climate information services, integrated landscape planning, improving livelihoods, resilient community infrastructure, crop


Radio Station: HOT FM radio 104.3  Production Language: Mandinka   Production Year: 2021 Programme Title: NAP context of family farming Radio Hot Fm focused on the NAP context of family farming but included the gender dimension, looking at the role and access of women