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Zambia series in English

Radio Station: Valley FM Radio Producer Organization: ZNFCA Production Language: English Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: ZNFCA Introduction The interview commenced with an introduction by the panelists and the moderato. The national coordinator then introduced ZNFCA, elucidating its initials as the Zambia National Forest Commodities Association, she mentioned that ZNFCA, formerly a department under Zambia National Farmers Union ZNFU, was registered as an association in 2017 In 2017 with the assistance of FAO Food

Tanzania series in English

Radio Station: Good News Radio 87.5 FM Producer Organization: MVIWAMA Production Language: English Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: Resilience to climate change and the smallholder farmer’s role The discussion centered around climate change and its implications for smallholder farmers in Mbulu District, Manyara. The speakers included garlic farmers and environmental experts from the Mbulu District Council. Listeners were encouraged to reach out through the studio phone lines. Impact of Climate Change on

Sierra Leone series in English

Radio station: Eastern Community Radio Production language: English Production Year: 2021 Programme Title: Family farming from the view of members of the parliament Eastern Community Radio in Sierra Leone first looked at the context of family farming from the view of members of parliament. Then production interviewed young people to hear their opinion on the topic of family farming. Current family farmers and civil society organizations contributed their experience on the ground

Liberia Series in English

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Kenya series in English

Radio Station: RFM-RADIO 99.9 Producer Organization: FFSPAK Production Language: English Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: Financial Inclusion in Farmer Organizations This discussion highlights the significance of financial inclusion within farmers’ organizations, specifically through the utilization of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs). Financial inclusion is depicted as a critical means for small-scale farmers to access essential financial services, encompassing savings, credit, loans, equity, and insurance. VSLAs are identified as informal financial mechanisms that empower

Ghana series in English

Radio Station: URA Radio Producer Organization: Tele-Bere and GhaFFaP Production Language: English Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: GhaFFaP Promotion of Business Incubation Services to Smallholder Forest and Farm Producers Forest business incubation is a support process that accelerates the successful development of sustainable businesses in forest landscapes. There is much to develop. The aggregate gross annual value from smallholder producers within forest landscapes may be as much as US$1.3 trillion. GhaFFaP

Gambia series in English

Radio Station: HOT FM radio 104.3  Production Language: English Production Year: 2021 Programme Title: National Action Plan context of family farming Radio Hot FM focused on the NAP context of family farming but included the gender dimension, looking at the role and access of women farmers. The production also addresses the cultural barriers to introducing new methods into family farming. The magazine considers the national action plan and the role of the


Radio Station: Radio Life Producer Organization: NUCFDC Production Language: Belle Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: Cassava and Rice Farming Group of women farmers are in conversation with the producer discussing Cassava & rice farming and how it is helping them. They told the producer that they initially planted rice and after harvest, they also planted cassava as a group and also do separate farming as individuals. The group leader says that her group


Radio Station: Valley FM Radio Producer Organization: ZNFCA Production Language: Nyanja Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: Stakeholder Engagement The discussion on stakeholder engagement delves into its significance, methods, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. Stakeholders, encompassing various entities like government departments, traditional leaders, and community organizations, collaborate to achieve shared objectives. The participants emphasize the importance of stakeholder engagement in fostering synergy, preventing duplication of efforts, and enhancing effectiveness by leveraging diverse strengths


Radio Station: Habari Njema Radio 87.5 FM Producer Organization: MVIWAMA Production Language: Swahili Production Year: 2023 Programme 1: Introduction Thomas Joseph, representing the Regional Farmers’ Groups Network in Manyara (MVIWAMA), discussed the organization’s collaborative program with Radio Habari Njema, “Better Agriculture, Better Livelihood.” MVIWAMA, comprising over 7,000 members across Babati, Hanang, Mbulu, Kiteto, and Simanjiro districts, prioritizes uniting smallholder farmers into groups to empower them through training in leadership, business, and