Voice for Family Farmers campaign on air across Africa: YenKasa Africa Radio Initiative 2020

Voice for Family Farmers campaign on air across Africa: YenKasa Africa Radio Initiative 2020

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For 12 weeks from late July to World Food Day, 110 radio stations across Africa celebrated the UN Decade of Family Farmers with our Voice for Family Farmers campaign. This radio campaign aims to raise awareness about the decade, the importance of family farmers, and their needs, particularly during this time of crisis. As part of this campaign, the YenKasa Africa initiative designed campaign materials to help participating radio stations talk about the importance of family farmers, particularly women and youth, and the role of farmer organizations and consumers in supporting family farmers.

This campaign was shared with 1,000 radio stations in Farm Radio International‘s network. 110 radio stations from 13 countries broadcast the radio spots and other resources. The response from radio stations in West Africa was overwhelming: 79 stations broadcast the Voice for Family Farmers campaign, including 26 stations in Mali and 26 in Senegal.

Listen to some of the recordings from participating stations: https://soundcloud.com/farmradio/sets/un-decade-of-family-farming

The following stations participated in the campaign and will receive a certificate:

Adama from Ethiopia
Afia FM from Senegal
Aminci Radio from Nigeria
Argoba Community Radio from Ethiopia
Ateker Moroto FM from Uganda
Balanzan from Mali
Bambilor FM from Senegal
Bamtaare FM from Senegal
Baoule from Mali
Bende from Mali
Bulsa Radio from Ghana
Buuñaa FM 91.9 from Senegal
Cas-Cas FM from Senegal
Click 89.9 FM from Nigeria
CMC Raneru FM from Senegal
Congo Reveil from DRC
Cosaan from Senegal
Daande Doora from Mali
Dagné FM from Mali
Debre Markos University Community Radio FM 97.7 from Ethiopia
Djawoampo from Burkina Faso
Eagle FM 94.1Mhz from Ghana
FAWE FM from Ghana
Free FM from Ghana
Fouta FM from Senegal
Gaaki FM from Ghana
Gadec Beetawe from Senegal
Gandoul FM from Senegal
Gindiku FM from Ghana
Ileje FM from Tanzania
Jam FM from Senegal
Jenku FM from Senegal
Kaoural from Mali
Kimuri Radio from Kenya
Kwale Radio Ranet from Kenya
La Radio Saniya from Mali
La Voix des Monts from Cameroon
Lavun Community Radio from Nigeria
Likoma Community Radio from Malawi
Mamacounda FM from Senegal
Mendina Yoro Foulah FM from Senegal
Mitume Radio 89.7 FM from Kenya
Mwanedu FM from Kenya
Nafoore FM from Senegal
NANN-K FM from Senegal
Nenzit FM from Nigeria
Ngoudiane FM from Senegal
Ninefecha FM from Senegal
Obuoba FM from Ghana
Pathiana FM from Senegal
Prestige FM Radio from Nigeria
Radio BAOULÉ FM from Mali
Radio Bendougou Bla from Mali
Radio Bingha from Mali
Radio Buddu from Uganda
Radio Builsa from Ghana
Radio Communautaire Butook, RCB FM from DRC
Radio Communautaire Diamako from Mali
Radio Communautaire de Masisi from DRC
Radio Communautaire Oxyjeunes FM from Senegal
Radio Communautaire Salama from DRC
Radio de l’Unité de Boudry from Burkina Faso
Radio Éducative Fitilla from Mali
Radio Évangile Développement from Burkina Faso
Radio Hanna from Mali
Radio Joy FM from Tanzania
Radio Kayira from Mali
Radio Kayira 2 from Mali
RADIO KITAWOLN-95.7 FM from Ghana
Radio Koumakan from Mali
Radio Koury Kan from Mali
Radio la Voix du Paysan from Burkina Faso
Radio Manivelle from Burkina Faso
Radio Municipale Dori from Burkina Faso
Radio Mwangaza from Tanzania
Radio Naata from Mali
Radio Niamana from Mali
Radio Nigeria Globe FM Bauchi from Nigeria
Radio Nigeria Power FM from Nigeria
Radio Pamoja Alimbongo from DRC
Radio Paon FM ASBL from DRC
Radio Rurale Communautaire Uyesu from Mali
Radio Rurale Faguibine from Mali
Radio Sauti ya Mkaaji from DRC
Radio Siggil Jigeen from Senegal
Radio Sika FM from Mali
Radio Soleil from DRC
Radio Television Évangélique et de Développement Hermon from DRC
Radio Wassoulou from Mali
Radio West from Uganda
Radio Yeredon 1 from Mali
Radio Yeredon 3 from Mali
Redeemer’s FM from Nigeria
Regional Vibez Media from Burundi
Sewndé FM from Senegal
Shiien from Mali
Speak FM from Uganda
Sude Community Radio FM from Ethiopia
Tewdu FM from Senegal
Thiapy FM from Senegal
Uganda Broadcasting Corporation
Voice of Toro from Uganda
Voix des Jeunes et des Enfants from Mali
Waoundé FM from Senegal
Yagbon Radio from Ghana
Zaa Radio from Ghana
Zuma 88.5FM from Nigeria

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