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Success stories of the social role of Radio Ndeke Luka, on the occasion of its 19th anniversary

Radio Ndeke Luka, the radio created and supported by Fondation Hirondelle in the Central African Republic, celebrated its 19th anniversary on the 27th of March. The radio is listened to in the Central African Republic and throughout the world thanks to the diversity of its information network. Listeners in Bangui have explained the impact of the radio in their life, at the occasion of its birthday.   Throughout its 19 years of existence,

Community radio stations unite to build peace

The first phase of the UMOJA – Radio for peace project was a huge success. The team started the second phase with in-house trainings. Two days with the whole staff of the radio station. One day is dedicated to conflict related topics and the other day is used for the training on journalistic skills: Interview-technics, feature-writing, fact-checking, content production. Again this phase started with a meeting of all the station

FAO searching for Communication for Rural Development Specialist

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Partnerships Division (PSP) is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the identification, strengthening and stewardship of strategic partnerships with non-state actors, including parliamentarians, civil society, private sector, academia and research institutions, family farmers’ and indigenous peoples’ organizations, to facilitate delivery of FAO’s strategic objectives (SOs), and field programme by fostering dialogue, developing capacities, scaling up programmes and advocating for FAO’s corporate positions.

Community radio stations unite to build peace - Part 1

The role of radio as source of information mustn’t be underrated, despite TV, Internet, social media and the still existing printed press. Especially in Africa, radio plays an important role in informing and educating the people. Media can contribute to dialogue and understanding but they can also be a factor in generating social and ethnic tension through stereotyping and inaccurate reporting. This assumption is the entry point of the Kenyan

World Radio Day- Radio a Tool for Promoting Dialogue and Peace Building

Radio is celebrated world over for its life changing attributes especially in developing countries where the development agenda remains a common denominator of all engagements. The UN, set aside the 13th February as a day to celebrate radio. This year’s edition of the World Radio Day(WRD) is commemorated under the theme, Radio: Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace, a theme which is most appropriate to countries like Zimbabwe given its perpetual instabilities

Scanning the airwaves closes health service gaps for people living with HIV

Many low-income Ugandans living in rural and hard-to-reach areas lack access to basic health information and services. This means most people may be unaware of their health-related rights and may feel their needs aren’t met because their voices aren’t heard. In many cases, medical and educational outreach is affected by poor literacy rates or lack of distribution channels for behavioural change campaigns. Gaps like these have caused certain illnesses, like

Learning opportunity: Amplifying grassroots movements

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is a multi-stakeholder platform with a global secretariat led by CIFOR and core funding provided by the Government of Germany. The GLF accelerates action towards the creation of productive, prosperous, equitable and climate-resilient landscapes and the achievement of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). Learn more in Landscape News. GLF believes that learning is the foundation of long-lasting change. Through collaborative

A communication platform to boost production and sale of farm produce

Farmers’ Corner Community is all about developing an agricultural information-driven community platform for all players in agribusiness space within Nigeria and other African countries where there will be an easy and seamless exchange of ideas, solutions to problems, research reports, updates on new seeds and cultivars varieties, policies, procedures, compliance and others. Our community platform on was developed to fill the wide communication gap between all players (governments, researchers,

ICA Programme: Leveraging ICTs to promote decent youth employment

The FAO Integrated Country Approach (ICA) for promoting decent rural employment promotes the active engagement of youth into policy dialogue on topics of relevance for the agri-food sector. The programme has been adopting participatory communication principles as well as applying ICTs in Guatemala and Senegal. In Senegal, a web-based National Observatory of Rural Employment (ONER) has been designed and implemented with the National Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment (ANPEJ). A local youth-led organization, called Yeesal Agri-Hub, developed

Pambazuko: a radio series to discuss health & human rights

A radio series entitled “Pambazuko” has taken the airwaves in the eastern region of Democratic Republic of Congo. Produced by Population Media Center (PMC), with support from the network of the Hirondelle Foundation, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Global Affairs Canada, UNICEF, DKT International, UNAIDS, the US Embassy, the Segal Family Foundation and the Jane Goodall Institute, this series aims to change behaviors towards human rights and health issues. The approach is educational, but also entertaining as everyday life events are