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Radio Station: HOT FM radio 104.3 

Production Language: English

Production Year: 2021

Programme Title: National Action Plan context of family farming

Radio Hot FM focused on the NAP context of family farming but included the gender dimension, looking at the role and access of women farmers. The production also addresses the cultural barriers to introducing new methods into family farming. The magazine considers the national action plan and the role of the Ministry of Agriculture.  

The invited guests of the programme were Mr Sheriffo I. Bojang (President of the National Farmers Platform The Gambia); Mr Mustapha Ceesay, Assistant FAO Representative; Ms Josephine Mendy – Focal person for Family Farming at the Ministry of Agriculture; Mr Alieu Sowe (Coordinator of the National Coordinating Organisation for Farmers’ Association); and Mrs Bakoto Mboge (Member of the National Food Processors Association and trainer in Food processing).