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Radio Station: Good News Radio 87.5 FM

Producer Organization: MVIWAMA

Production Language: English

Production Year: 2023

Programme 1: Resilience to climate change and the smallholder farmer's role

The discussion centered around climate change and its implications for smallholder farmers in Mbulu District, Manyara. The speakers included garlic farmers and environmental experts from the Mbulu District Council. Listeners were encouraged to reach out through the studio phone lines.

Impact of Climate Change on Garlic Farmers: Jacob Sima, a garlic farmer from the Bashay Valley, explained the significant impact of climate change on farmers. He highlighted how changing rainfall patterns and unpredictable weather have affected traditional planting seasons, leading to confusion among farmers. Catherine Damiano, another garlic farmer from Bashay, shared her experiences of decreased productivity and crop diseases attributed to climate change. She emphasized the challenges of water scarcity and its adverse effects on garlic production, noting a drastic reduction in yield compared to previous years.

Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change in Garlic Farming: Insights from the Environmental Officer of the Mbulu District Council were provided, focusing on the distinction between weather and climate and the drivers of climate change, including human activities and deforestation. The officer highlighted the impacts of climate change on agriculture, particularly on garlic cultivation, stressing the importance of adaptation strategies. These strategies include adjusting planting schedules, improving irrigation practices, and enhancing water management to mitigate the effects of unpredictable rainfall.

Summary of the Episode: The episode explored the tangible impacts of climate change on garlic farming, including reduced rainfall and increased temperatures, leading to decreased productivity. Additionally, it discussed adaptation strategies for garlic farmers to cope with changing climatic conditions, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to sustainably manage water resources and adjust cultivation practices.


Radio Station - MVIWATA FM 106.7 MHz

Producer Organization: MVIWATA

Production Languages: English

Production Year: 2021

Programme Title: Family farming and its contributions to sustainable farming practices

Mvitwata Fm focused on family farming and how it contributes to sustainable farming practices and the reality of climate change. The production introduces a broader United Nations ten-year family farming resolution and the role of local communities in this global food system. Discussion on Family Farming allowed the guests to tell the listeners about their encounters in practicing Family farming and many other issues is pertaining to Family Farming. The production looked at the matter of biodiversity measures of environmental conservation and the impact of climate change mitigation. The concept of mixed farming and its contribution to reducing climate change effects. The magazine also covered the matter of sustainability of family farmers in a realistic and accountable value chain and how this system enhances soil fertility from time to time without jeopardizing its quality. 

The invited guests of the programme were Shua Ndereka – Mviwata fm journalist; Stephen Ruvuga –executive director, Mviwata; Atufwage James – Mviwata Member from Ludewa; Haji Ramadhani – Mviwata Member from Morogoro Dc; and Theodora Pius – Head of Programs, Mviwata.