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Radio Station: Pasme Radio

Producer Organization: CAZ and ZNFCA

Production Language: English

Production Year: 2022

Program Title: Community Forest Management Area

The session discussed that through Forest and Farm Producers (FFP), they established community-based forest management in two chiefdoms. The FFP’s aim is to get involved in forest governance to ensure the sustainability of forest resources and the equitable distribution of access to and benefits from them.

Community forest management is a cultural and spiritual practice. It is a way of life developed by indigenous people and local communities, and there are steps to establish a community forest management area. The discussion was that government officials must be involved, the chief and other traditional leaders, and the community. Sensitization on what it is and why and also to mention some alternative ways of mitigating measures.

The discussion session stated the importance of forests: they purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent erosion, and act as an important buffer against climate change.  Forests offer a home to many of the world’s diverse plants and animals and provide essential natural resources, from timber and food to medicinal plants.  Trees also add beauty, improve personal health, reduce air pollution, provide shelter, save energy, and increase the country’s economic stability.



Radio Station: Byta FM

Producer Organization:  ZNFCA

Production Language: English

Production Year: 2021

Programme Title: Agri-biodiversity

Byta FM looks at Agri-biodiversity, the benefits of the science, and how it preserves Mother Nature. The production also highlights how Agri-biodiversity has made it possible for ordinary households in Zambia to have access to healthy food. The discussion ventured into the effects of the commercialization of agriculture and the impact on sustainable food systems. The perspective of FAO in terms of the National Action Plan is also provided by the FAO representative.

The invited guests of the programme were Partner Siabutuba, the Director Youth Development Organization, and Vincent Ziba, National Facilitator of the Forest and Farm Facility Program (FAO) Country office.