Radio Programme: Challenges forest and farm producers face in Zambia and the way forward

Radio Programme: Challenges forest and farm producers face in Zambia and the way forward

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As part of the YenKasa Africa radio initiative, we are thrilled to share this week’s feature, which delves into the vital topic “The challenges forest and farm producers face in Zambia and how to tackle these”. Read our feature to discover valuable insights and expert advice, and then listen to recorded program on the YenKasa Africa website in the local language, Nyanja. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and empower your agricultural practices. Happy reading and listening!

The program supported by ZNFCA, aired on  Valley FM Radio in the local language (Nyanja), sparked crucial discussions on the challenges  forest and farm producers face in Zambia and the way forward.

The discussion, hosted by Cephas Mumba at Valley FM, focused on the challenges facing Forest and Farm Producer Groups (FFPGs) and potential solutions. Participants included representatives from Nyimba DFCA and the Nyimba Forest Department. They addressed key issues such as market access, water scarcity, and infrastructure constraints affecting FFPGs in Nyimba District.

Nyimba DFCA coordinator, Robert Siame, clarified the definition of FFPGs and highlighted their significant membership, with 97 groups comprising nearly 2,000 individuals. These groups produce various forest products, including herbal medicines, honey, and agricultural goods like coffee and soya.

Collaboration between Nyimba DFCA and the Forest Department plays a crucial role in supporting FFPGs, focusing on education, policy guidance, and resource access. However, challenges persist, including market access, water scarcity, and inadequate infrastructure, which hinder the livelihoods of FFPGs.

Efforts to address these challenges involve government initiatives, such as road construction and water resource management projects, as well as community-driven solutions like borehole installations. Moving forward, stakeholders emphasize the importance of continued education, stakeholder engagement, and governance transparency to better serve FFPGs and promote sustainable forest management.

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