Yenkasa Africa- UNDFF Regional Awareness Campaign 2021

Yenkasa Africa- UNDFF Regional Awareness Campaign 2021

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A new Yenkasa Africa awareness campaign for the UNDFF has been launched by family farmers’ organizations, FAO, and communication networks and institutions. The theme of the campaign is “Family farming at the heart of sustainable food systems” and it focuses on the contribution of family farming in achieving sustainable food systems. In particular, the campaign will give visibility to the progress of the UNDFF through the National Action Plans, policy dialogues, and parliamentarian actions in African countries. The campaign also showcases the experiences of family farmers and producer organizations and the results achieved in ongoing projects enhancing family farming in the context of sustainable food systems.

The Campaign will run till August 2021 on social media and radio. This campaign includes materials about the importance of family farmers (using key messages and Videos), background information on the campaign, stories showing the success of family farmers in Africa, Factsheets of farmers in countries of Africa, and radio programmes. These materials and key messages were developed by the partners in the YenKasa Africa initiative, including FAO and farmers organizations like the Pan-African Farmers Organizations, La Via Campesina, PROPAC, and ROPPA.

We welcome every individual to take part in the campaign by using the available campaign materials.

Click Here to access all available campaign materials

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